What Mayor Bloomberg should ban next | Marketplace.org

My brother, Dave, and his friends at Brokelyn magazine had an article picked up by NPR’s Marketplace.  Read the article and listen to their interview!!

What Mayor Bloomberg should ban next | Marketplace.org.

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My Photo Project

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The 21st Century Alan Lomax?

In the 30’s and 40’s, Alan Lomax, the ethnomusicologist, traveled around the United States recording folk music for the Library of Congress.

Now it’s 2012, and we have access to music from all over the world from our Wi-Fi connected laptops.  So, maybe you think at this point that there’s no reason to go running around searching for new sounds.  Of course you’re wrong, because new musical sounds are always being created (dub step, post-dubstep…maybe soon post-post dub step).

I’d like to explore the relationship between  music and the musicians who create it.  I’m deeply stirred by the ballads of Cuban singer Compay Segundo and the ngoni-playing of Malian Bassekou Kouyate.  I’m equally inspired by the compositions of Charles Mingus and the ferocious excitement of Otis Redding’s live recordings.

I plan to shoot videos and photos of musicians from all genres and cultures and explore how they create such affecting music.  What does the music mean to them?  What do they want to transmit to the audience?  How does an initial musical idea develop to become the awesome song on your IPod?

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Colon? No. Colón.

My name is Samuel Joseph Colon.  I was named after my great-grandfather.  Unfortunately, my family chooses to pronounce my last name without an accent over the “o” (like “cologne”).  Therefore, to them,  it’s homonymous with the body part that waste travels through before leaving your body.

However, I’m choosing to break with tradition and Hispanicize my surname.  According to family lore, we’re descended from Jews who fled the Spanish Inquisition, so in my mind, I’m giving props to my wronged ancestors when I pronounce my name Colón.

Clever kids in my elementary figured out that “Sammy Colon” sounds just like “semi-colon,” so that’s what they sometimes called me.  I also got “Colonoscopy, Colon Cancer (not cool), Samuel L. Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr. and of course, Sam I Am.

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